Our master craftsmen’s creative skills, artists who propose a craft of great expressiveness again, allow to complete custom projects and works upon customer request.

We oversee every single stage of the project

We deal with various aspects of the project to provide great customer service. We can offer you:

Design and creation

artistic mosaics

Everything comes from an idea converted into a sketch which, approved by the customer or the artist, is translated into a full-scale black-and-white drawing. Subsequently, this drawing is cut into pieces because of production needs.

At this moment, the mosaic is created: we choose materials which will be applied by hand on the drawing and, once completed all the pieces of the work, we proceed to the final installation in the space devoted to it.

Restoration and Maintenance

of mosaics

Mosaic and much more…

Our experience has led us to design:
. marble for interiors and exteriors

. bronze and iron

. stained-glass windows and stained-glass doors